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Visa for Belgium


To apply for a visa, please always first submit your application form electronically via the Visa On Web (VOW) platform. Once the application is filled in, you will be able to make an appointment to finalize the process. 

This platform is currently available in Dutch, French and English. For instructions on how to use Visa On Web, click here


Information about visa for Belgium

A difference is made between short and long stays (up to / over 90 days). Check the procedures below to make sure you meet all requirements to enter and stay in Belgium.

Short stays (up to 90 days) 

Since 11 January 2011, Taiwanese passport holders no longer need a visa to travel to Belgium (and the rest of the Schengen area) for short term stays.

Non Taiwanese nationals may apply for a short term or "Schengen visa" at the Belgian Office, Taipei. Click here for the list of all required documents.

Long stays (over 90 days)

Planning to stay longer than 90 days in Belgium? Click on your profile below to know more about the rules and requirements applied.

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