Belgian Office, Taipei

Family reunion with a Belgian

You would like to join a member of your family living in Belgium? There are different rules according to the profile and nationality of the person you would like to join. 

The most frequent case is family reunion with a Belgian national for which you will find information below. For other cases, please send us an email at

Important information about family reunion with Belgian nationals

  • Only the spouse, the partner (of a registered partnership), the children under the age 21 or their dependant children can apply for a family reunion visa with a Belgian national.
  • This means ascendants (parents, grand-parents, etc.) of Belgian citizens and the ascendants of there spouses/partners cannot apply for a family reunion visa.
  • For spouses and partners, both must be at least 21 years old ( or 18 if the applicant can proof that the marriage has been concluded before the visa application).

Documents to be submitted by all applicants

  • Two printed and signed copy of your Visa On Web application forms
  • 2 recent passport size photograph in color
  • Proof of payment of the visa administrative fee (please click here for explanation)
  • A valid passport (more than 12 months) and a copy thereof (only the relevant pages)
  • A copy of your ARC if you are a foreigner.
  • A copy of the ID card of the Belgian spouse/partner.
  • Authenticated proof of the applicant's civil status or next of kin status (family register, marriage certificate)
  • For children : an authenticated birth certificate.
  • An authenticated criminal record (not required for the spouse of Belgian national)
  • medical certificate filled out by the hospital approved by the Belgian Office, Taipei stating that you are not suffering from a disease that may endanger public health. The certificate can also be submitted to any other hospital of your choice. In this case it will be subject to authentication. (not required for the spouse of Belgian national)
  • Proof that the Belgian citizen you want to join has a stable and regular income to meet his/her own needs and those of his/her family.
  • Proof that the person you want to join has a health insurance (Dutch - French) covering risks in Belgium for him(her)self and his/her family (see download).
  • Proof that the person you want to join has an adequate housing (proof of property or proof of a registered lease agreement).

Additional documents to be produced for some family members

For partners of a registered partnership:

  • An authenticated copy of the partnership agreement.
  • A certificate issued by a Belgian city hall stating the civil status of the Belgian partner to be joined.
  • In case of a registered partnership that is not equivalent to marriage, the evidence of your long lasting relationship of minimum 2 years (letters, e-mails…). Evidence of the fact that you have met your partner at least 3 times during the last year, with a minimum of 45 days in total

For children of minor children:

  • In case of a divorce, the authenticated proof that the children are under the custody and financial care of the spouse/partner or the person to be joined in Belgium. In cases of shared custody, the authenticated proof that the child can join the spouse/partner in Belgium.

For children older than 21 years

  • The proof that they depend financially on the person to be joined or his/her spouse/partner.