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Consular fees


As of Nov 15th, 2019, please find below the new fees applied to the consular services provided at the Belgian Office, Taipei.

Attention! From 1 May, the Belgian Office will no longer accept payments in cash for all consular transactions (visa, passports, notarial acts, etc.). You will be invited to deposit the corresponding amount at the First Bank Branch located in our building (1F) or wire the money on our bank account on the same day you request a service.

Please note that visa handling fees are non-refundable and have to be paid when applying for the visa.

Consular service

Fee in EUR

Fee in NTD

VISA C (short-term)

60 EUR

2100 NTD

VISA D (long-term)

180 EUR

6300 NTD


20 EUR

700 NTD

Passport 32 pages

(Applicant < 18)

35 EUR

1225 NTD

Passport 32 pages

(Applicant ≥ 18)

75 EUR

2625 NTD

Passport 64 pages

240 EUR

8400 NTD

Temporary Passport

50 EUR

1750 NTD


20 EUR

700 NTD


10 EUR 350 NTD

Professional card

140 EUR

4900 NTD

Notary deeds

100 EUR

3500 NTD

Other certificates

20 EUR

700 NTD

*1 EUR = 35 NTD 


Would you like us to send you your new passport or identity card? Please provide us a stamped envelope with name and address. Stamps should be of the following value:


Passport (32 pages)

Identity card


36 NTD

28 NTD

Express and registered



1. Taiwan

43 NTD

35 NTD

2. Taiwanese islands

140 NTD

140 NTD