Consular registration

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Below you will find some answers regarding the registration into the BOT population register:

Why register at the Belgian Office, Taipei (BOT)?

If you are planning to move abroad for a longer period of time, you must declare this move to your local administration.  When notifying your move, please inform them of your new address. If you do not have a new address yet, state the country of your destination. Your local administration will then issue a ‘model 8’ form stating that you have been struck from the population register.

Once you arrive in Taiwan, you may then register in the consular population register of the Belgian Office, Taipei (BOT).

The registration is free and while it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. By registering, we can deliver assistance and provide you with different consular services such as issuing a passport or certificates, helping you with the registry, nationality or notary deeds. As Belgian, you can also take part in the federal legislative elections.

For your information, below you will find the services we are able to provide if you are or are not registered:

You are registered

You are not registered

Issuance of travel documents 
- passport 
- provisional passport
- identity card 
Issuance of certificates 
- certificate of registration into the population register of Taipei

- domicile  certificate
- household composition certificate 
- life certificate 
- certificate of nationality (see Nationality
- certificate acknowledging  the name concordance (delivered when the name under Belgian law differs from the name established under foreign law) 
- civil status certificate 
Nationality (See Nationality
- certificate granting the Belgian nationality
- retention of Belgian nationality certificate
- renunciation of the Belgian nationality
Civil status 
- recognition certificate 
Notary deeds 

Issuance of travel documents 

- provisional passport if it meets the necessary conditions

Issuance of certificates 



Civil status 
Notary deeds 

Good to know: some citizens may or must remain registered in Belgium, even though they move abroad, i.e. mainly students keeping their domicile at their parents’ house, some civil servants, military staff and international civil servants. If you fall into those categories, you will be considered as “temporarily absent.” You must however notify your temporary absence to your municipality. You may not register in the BOT, however, we can add you as “temporarily registered”. This may be useful if we need to contact you in case of emergency.

How to register (eConsul)?

Starting on 30/11/2020, you can register online in the consular population register of the Belgian Office, Taipei (BOT) via the website of eConsul.

You will have access to this website if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are Belgian;
  • You are not/no longer registered in a Belgian commune, to whom you have communicated your date of departure for abroad;
  • You have an active and activated Belgian eID;
  • You know your PIN code and have an eID card reader.

How to register (via registration form)?

For ther cases, you can print , fill in and send us the registration form for persons over 18 years and under 18 years, duly completed and signed, along with a copy of your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and a copy of your identity card and/or passport. In some cases, additional documents may be required.

For registration of newborn children and citizens who have never been registered in the Belgian national register, please attach the following documents:

  • A literal copy of the birth certificate or, if the child was born in Taiwan, a copy of the Chinese and English versions of your household register. Kindly note that, in order to establish the first name of the Belgian child , only the Chinese version of the household register will be taken into account.
  • If parents were not married when the child was born but the father recognised the child: a literal copy of the birth certificate which mentions the mother’s consent, and if applicable, the agreement on the child’s last name
  • A copy of both parents’ identity cards (for children under 18).

Note, all documents must be originals and no longer than six months old.

Once registered, you may request an identity card.

Follow-up of your administrative file

Should your personal situation, civil status, address, etc. change, you must notify the BOT by submitting the documents listed below. These apply mainly to acts and decisions taken in Taiwan or in Belgium. For other countries, please contact us. All data will be legally protected and kept confidential.

  • Marriage : a literal copy of the marriage certificate or copy of your household register (English version)
  • Divorce :
    • In case of divorce in Taiwan, a literal copy of the English version of the household register mentioning the date on which the divorce became effective.
    • In case of divorce in Belgium, a literal copy of the certificate whereby the divorce is transcribed into your local administration’s register or a literal copy of the marriage certificate mentioning the divorce.
    • If you have children under 18, kindly provide a certified copy of the divorce certificate with mention of custodial rights/ parental authority.
  • Death : a literal copy of the death certificate. A translation into one of the national languages followed by the legalization procedure.
  • Acquisition of another nationality: the original or certified copy of the naturalisation certificate or a certificate of foreign nationality issued by the representative office of this county in Taiwan or the office that has Taiwan in its jurisdiction.
  • Change of address: mention of your Alien Resident Certificate or any other document evidencing your new address.
  • Change of phone number, email, etc.: simply write us an email or call us. These details are just for our information only.

Note, all documents must be originals and no longer than six months old.